Masculine Style.

We believe that clean lines, simple details and sumptuous coverings are design elements that can make a room warm, rich, and sometimes even bold.  Our Berber chair in distressed black leather may be small in scale but it's definitely big on style.  It's unique linear quilting detail with metal frame, is sure to make it a classic that you will never want to get rid of.

Finnish for "Cool".

Finnish design company Magisso has a knack for adding a bit of extra oomph to the items we use every day.  New to the store, their collection of self-cooling ceramics, are designed to stay cool for hours after simply running water over their porous exterior.  You can also treat them as a canvas for personalization simply by using chalk.  We currently carry the Carafe and Wine Chiller, (pictured), as well as the Ice Bucket and of course, Dog Bowls.  After all, why should Fido have warm water on a hot summer day? 

Waterproof, Breathable, Stylish.

Vancouver based Baro Drywear is setting a new standard in Technical Outerwear.  The waterproof Demarco jacket is made for the outdoors and designed to stylishly blend into the urban environment.  The line includes classic silhouettes and styles for daily life - whether that means keeping up with your active lifestyle or you daily walk to work.  Baro offers functional and stylish goods for the evolution of the modern man. 

We're #1 (year old)

Back in January we officially became one year old.  It's been a year of learning, and growing.  Mistakes have been made, and successes were also celebrated.  We thank all of you for your dedication to supporting local businesses when you have so many options to choose from.  To celebrate and show our appreciation, we are having a Birthday Sale!  Come in and save on every category in the store.  Furniture, lighting, apparel, gift, tech, apothecary and stationery.  Thank you, Calgary!


Spring is around the corner, (we hope), and with that always comes the urge to update a few things in the home.  We happen to love metal finishes.  Everything from bronze, and copper to gunmetal and gold can be used to add a bit of drama to an otherwise subdued interior.  These starburst home accent pieces would add a small explosion of gold to a side table, mantel, or bookshelf.  It's a permanent fireworks burst in your home.

Cleanse and Moisturize.

The drying elements of winter continue to take their toll on our skin, but the Algae Facial Cleanser from Anthony is designed to help hydrate, and moisturize while cleansing.  Hydrating Algae conditions and refreshes, Aloe moisturizes, while Azulene, Lavender Extracts and Rose Hip Oil provide soothing hydration.  Follow up with the Anthony All Purpose Moisturizer to finish the job.  This is a must for the winter months.

Another round, please!

Death & Co is an integral part of New York's cocktail culture, so it is fitting that the owners of the bar decided to put all they know into a cocktail encyclopedia of the same name.  This bartending classic, with its fabric covered book jacket, coloured photographs and 100's of recipes, is perfect for both craft cocktail enthusiasts and professional mixologists. Every bar needs this beauty. 

On Point.

Keep your shirt collars stiff and in place with these magnetic "Power Stays" from Wurkin Stiffs.  Slip the stay into your collar and attach the magnet on the inside of your shirt.  You can position your collar where you want it while keeping the point, well, on point.  2.5" in length to fit most collared shirts. 

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Your boots work hard in the winter months, so don't they deserve a little more love?  All they might need is a new pair of laces, and a quick polish and shine.  Well, we can help you out with the laces part.  Fun colours, to perk up the well-worn leather you slip your feet into everyday will help you get through the end of winter.  Our boot laces come in 54" lengths, and work for boots with 6-8 eyelets. 

Going Places.

When you have to abide by the rules and wear a suit but you still want to show some personality, we recommend you pick up a pair of Cuff Links to add a personal touch to your look. This stainless steel and hand resined pair, entitled "going places" is a fun homage to the good ole pin up girls days. They could be just what your French Cuffs are begging for.

Standout in Camouflage

One of our favorite clothing brands we carry is none other than Vancouver based, National Standards.  Tailored clean lines, impeccable fits, and great fabrics make the line standout.  We offer shirting, t-shirts, sweaters and denim from the brand and hope to expand the line with the spring arrivals.  Come check it out, and try it on!

Buckle Up.

We are a big fan of Canadian brand Stolen Riches and their amazing boot and shoelaces.  They have recently delved into two colour, cut-to-fit, leather belts.  The three combinations are; brown leather with orange, black leather with blue and this black leather with red fella. The belts are a standard 44" waist but with a quick "cut and punch" can be transformed to any and all lesser sizes. 

14 days until Cupid arrives.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and we've got your back - with great greeting cards and gifts for the man in your life, (even if that turns out to be yourself).  And fellas, you might even find a thing or two in the shop for your special lady as well.  Just sayin'.

Ladies and Gents, the AL-BEAR-TA Cap.

Canadian made with Alberta pride in mind.  These great wool blend snapbacks feature the Alberta Crest in cased in a Bear form.  The caps are made by one of our local favorites - Alberta Apparel.  We also carry the black and white version of the traditional crest design.  These make a great addition to your weekend wear, and should keep your noggin warm to boot!

Drink up, old man.

Drink like a real man - a real old man - with the recipes, and advice given in this great gift book.  Boilermakers, Rusty Nails, and Sidecar recipes can be found among the pages.  You will not find anything requiring an umbrella, or resulting in the slightest shade of pink.  We're talking Whiskey, Rye, Bourbon and Gin.  Bottoms up!

Boost your engery levels.

When you are on the go and your phone is the most important device you use, you need power, and lots of it.  Not only does the Jump Cable from Native Union charge your phone from any USB outlet, once your phone is charged the built in battery starts to hold its own charge.  With an extra 2 hours of data time or up to 3 hours of talk time, you will always have power for taking photos of your dog, or calling your Mother.

Cocktail Cushions.

Orrefors of Sweden design some beautiful things including this set of four stainless steel coasters that are part of the City Collection. So go ahead and mix up that cocktail and don't worry where you set it down - as long as you have one of these fellas cushioning it.

You Lazy Fella.

YLF (we believe it's short for, you lazy fella), is an all-natural bath and shower wash from the crew at Triumph & Disaster.  Made in New Zealand and rich with Rosewood and Argan, it has a pleasant, slightly medicinal fragrance.  It is perfect for the guy that doesn't want to waste time in the shower.  Use it for your head, shoulders, knees and toes, and BAM!  You are done. 

His & Hers.

Marmol Radzinger Jewelry has a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.  Made of solid brass, their collection of rings, pendants, and wrist cuffs will only get more beautiful with age.  The scale and weight of the pieces make them perfect for him, yet some of the designs fluidity makes them perfect for her as well.  Maybe a matching set is in order? 

Nice Cubes.

Keep your libations chilled to the max with 2" ice cubes.  These great silicone moulds are large enough to addjuices and fruit pieces to amp up your cocktail game.  If you are traditionalist and stick to using just water, you can take comfort in knowing they also last longer due to the larger size.  Bottoms up!